Champagne Sabers

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Champagne sabers, sometimes more commonly referred to as champagne swords are a unique tool used to open up champagne bottles. Their history dates back to the French Revolution in the 19th Century when the saber was Napoleon’s choice of weaponry for his Calvary. 

The modern tradition of champagne sabering is a unique way to celebrate special events or moments in your life such as a wedding or anniversary. There are many elegant sabers to choose from that will add a touch of class and sophistication to your next event.

A Historical Celebration

Many more champagne sabers are available to purchase for your next celebration. Give friends and family an experience unlike any other. Imagine their reaction to a champagne bottle exploding in front of their very eyes. Whether you are looking to add a bit of ‘pop’ to your next event, or want to offer a historical way to ring in the New Year, you have many amazing saber choices available to you.

A Brief Look into the Collection

The Del Ben Corsao Wenge sabre is a high quality design crafted in Italy by Del Ben. The smooth and fearless handle allows for a firm grip, making sabering champagne, quick and swift. Add a personal feel and appeal to this sabre with an engraving on the handle.

The Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze offers a classic and historic appearance. The long blade, once intimidating to the enemy, now is intriguing and versatile. The included wooden stand provides you with an elegant way to display your sabre to friends and family.

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