Champagne Sabre – Perfect Gift for a Sommelier August 18 2017

You probably never heard about what the heck is a sommelier, but you know someone dear to you like your granddad or uncle has this kind of title. All you know is that this person knows a lot about wine and this is what exactly a sommelier supposed to be. In fact, you can never be called as a sommelier if you don’t have an education or received recognition or certificate. Anyone can say that he or she knows about wine, but there is nothing more knowledgeable if a person has this title.

champagne sabre, champagne sword

 North American Sommelier Association

One of a few that can authentically recognize someone that he is a sommelier is the Northern American Sommelier Association. This association can provide certification whereas, the training or the course is divided into three phases. Aside from determining many kinds of wine, the association can also train master wine taster, master wine service, and master wine ceremony. Aside from those, the association also offers the Italian WIne Specialist course.

 Ideal Gift

So, when thinking about expressing your deepest regards, you might think that it would be nice to give him a wine. Yet, this can be so predictable and he knows exactly what year it was developed just by seeing the brand or maybe just smelling the wine. That’s how good a sommelier can be. A bottle of wine will certainly be highly appreciated, yet, you can fascinate him by gifting something else and this is where champagne sword or champagne saber comes into the scenario.

Gift Of  A Lifetime

A Sommelier knows about this, but most of them would really admire this majestic piece of work rather than wine. Because they are highly trained about wine tasting and smelling, they could no longer be impressed whether you are going to give him premium wines or wines that have been locked up for a very long time. Champagne saber would be the kind of gift that they could remember. Aside from its majestic looks, it has a long history that connects champagne and the French Revolution. It would no longer a surprise if you saw your grandpa smiling with some tears from his eyes.

 Varieties Of Selection

You can find wide varieties of selection when searching online. There are the cheap ones and there are also pricey ones and the rare ones. While regardless of your budget, what really counts is your thoughtfulness. How to do so? By making the saber personalized. For personal touch, you can never go wrong with personalization by using the laser engraving technology. There are online shops that offer this kind of service which is awesome. You can put your message, the date and even your Grandfather’s name on it.




Engraved Champagne Saber - Cool Wedding Gift Idea for your Wine Lover Friend July 12 2017

So, your pal told you that he finally decided to get married. Indeed, it is good to see your best buddy is going to build his very own family. On your part, obviously, you are the best man for the occasion. Your suit is prepared, you memorized your speech and best wishes. But, there is one problem, you don’t have an idea of what kind of wedding gift you can give to your friend and his soon to be wife. There are so many options to choose from. But somehow, you are anxious about what to buy since you want your gift to be unique. If your friend has been a part of your childhood, triumphs, and failures, it is certain that you want to give him that has your very own personal touch. If you really want to give him something special and that has a sentimental value, you can never go wrong with a champagne sword or champagne sabre.

 Why Champagne Sword?

 Champagne sword or champagne sabre signifies elegance. As you hold the sabre, you know that you are holding something special and unique. Aside from its great history, this can be a reminder of you congratulating him on becoming a family man. It would be such pleasure whenever your best buddy wants to drink a  glass of champagne when he glances to this gift, it reminds him of the things that you did during those teenage years.

Personal Touch

For a personal touch, you can take the advantage of laser engraver whereas you can put text to the blade or to the case of the saber. You could either add a little bit off message, the date of his wedding, or perhaps your motto such as “Bad Boys For Life” or probably “Hakuna Matata”. It is certain that when your best buddy sees this message, it can put a smile on his face.


When adding laser engraving, it does not affect the delivery time or whatsoever. In addition, it also does not affect the overall condition and quality of the blade. Your simple texts or message can take pride which makes the sabre priceless. When adding texts, all you have to do is to look for the best sabre and see how the engraving options. You can either put the texts to the blade, to the case or both.

 Berkel Como Di Bufalo

As the name implies, this champagne sword is not your typical saber. Its handle is made from authentic Buffalo horn and its blade is refined from soft steel and metal. You have the option of 30 maximum characters on one text line. You can also put a simple message on the wooden display which also has a maximum of 30 characters with 3 text lines.

champagne sabre

 Fox Sciabola Del Sommelier Bronze

If you really want to impress both the bride and the groom, then this champagne sabre would be the best choice. Just staring at it can give them a goosebump because of its intimidating yet majestic look.  You have the option of 40 maximum characters on one text line or at the wooden box.




Everything You Need To Know About Drinking Champagne June 12 2017

Champagne is indeed the highlight reel of any events whether it is a simple gathering or highly exclusive. Aside from its tasteful treat, there are many ways on how to appreciate such great wine. There are several things that you should try to make it a bit more thrilling whenever you are celebrating.

Champagne Tower

It is nice to make a toss for everyone and make a few speech about the occasion. It is often done during wedding proposal or even the wedding reception. But, you can make the ceremony much more exciting by making a champagne tower. Of course, you really need a flat platform in order to make sure that champagne together with the champagne coupe will be not spoiled. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between a champagne flute and a champagne coupe. Never use the champagne flute when making a champagne tower.

As soon as you collected champagne coupes (preferably plastic made) it is time for you to make a base. Make a square shape and make sure that each other is touching he coupe around it. For every additional level, place another set of coupes at the top. Continue building it until you have reach the top. Now it is time for you to pop up the bottle and pour it until the last glass is filled.


it is nice to see the bubbles as the cork flies to the air when popping up the bottle. But there is another way to do that which was existed not so long ago. Champagne sabering is not as dangerous and difficult as it seems. Yet again, you need the right tool when doing so. Never use kitchen knife instead, always use champagne sword or champagne saber when executing the art.

First, the bottle must be cold enough before sliding the blade to the lip. Make sure that you removed the wires supporting the cork and the seals as well. Located the seam of the bottle since this is where you are going to slide the blade. Hold the bottle to a 45 degree and point it somewhere safe. Slide the blade smoothly, not to soft but not too hard either. What’s really makes the cork and the lip of the bottle to fly is not the force but rather what is happening from the inside. Let the bubbles flow to remove small fragments of the bottle just in case.

Drink It Up To The Fullest

There are many ways on how to drink champagne with style but the most important thing that you should know is to serve champagne cold. If you are the type of person who always want to smell its aroma, better to use champagne float, but if you are craving for its taste and look forward for the next round, no one is stopping you. Champagne coupe is highly recommended for you. (But, don’t get the glass from the champagne tower though) Enjoy your glass of champagne to the fullest.


Is Champagne Sabre worth Buying? June 01 2017

It is crazy to think of when you consider buying a champagne sword or saber for anyone or for someone that you have the deepest regards with. So, what makes such champagne accessory worth it? Moreover, when you see some of the most sophisticated sabers, the price seems to be too much. Back to the question, is such saber is worth buying for?Below are some plenty of reasons.

Champagne Enthusiasts

For champagne enthusiast and wine collectors, the accessory means too much to them. It is all about the history and a status in life statement. Most champagne swords and sabers designed and inspired from the history particularly from the time of the medieval age. The sword tells the story about the Western, European and French Revolution. For most champagne enthusiast, having a champagne sword or saber displayed at their office, living room or dining area is so much mean to them.

Sense Of Satisfaction

If you are a type of person who always have visitors at home, there is a chance that some of your visitors out from their curiosity asked you about your champagne swords or sabers collection. Just like car collection, toy collection or Barbie collection like Johnny Depp has, it gives them the sense of satisfaction of having them in their collectable stands.

champagne sabre, champagne sword

Sabering Purpose

Of course a champagne sabre must be used whenever it is needed. Therefore, a lot of the finest chefs in town really loves to have their own swords and sabers for the purpose of entertaining their guests. In some occasion, when couples will ask for a bottle of champagne, the chef will personally great them and let them see him perform the art of sabrage. In many restaurants and bars, sabering would be the main attraction aside from the dishes. Therefore, a lot of customers and expectorators come to see the art.


Indeed, you can find pricey sabers both online and offline. The first reason why it is pretty much expensive is because of the craftsmanship. You are not just paying the materials but also the skill of the one who made it. Speaking of materials, the price will vary depending on the materials used. For example a saber which is made from buffalo horn is a bit higher the price compared to the ones which are made from regular wood. The same goes when it comes to the blade. Some are made from soft iron, metal or even silver. There are also limited edition which are made from rare steels likes the Damascus steel such as the Methuselah Saber.

Priceless Possession

All in all, for many champagne enthusiasts, chefs and anyone or everyone who just loves to collect champagne sword or champagne saber, the champagne accessory would be one of their priceless possession where they can boast around to their relatives and friends. Now if you’re asking if it is really worth buying for – consider what is your passion and the things that you consider as your priceless possession.


Swords for Opening Champagne Bottle April 03 2017

Practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect so why practice? How Ironic isn’t it? Anyhow, practice will not make you perfect but makes your better. Striking a bottle of champagne or sabering, is a kind of art that has been pass through from generations to generations. Back in the old days, people are using a sharp sword or saber when performing this kind of art. However, many even experts could not perfectly execute the art because these blades are intended for thrusting. But through time, the development of champagne sword and champagne sabre have given the way of perfecting the art without injuring or someone getting wounded.

Sabering / Sabrage


When using sword for opening champagne bottle, you don’t have to be anxious when holding the sword while hurting someone. As you look closer, you will notice that the blade is not as sharp as the traditional sabre or sword. This is because of the fact that the art does not need sharp blade when doing so. Hence, when trying or practicing sabrage at your very own kitchen, don’t use your regular knife but rather only use champagne sword or champagne sabre. This tool is safer and at the same time, it makes you execute the art perfectly and easily.

Champagne Sabres and Swords

You can witness the art of sabrage from the finest diners in town or fancy restaurants. In any occasions like wedding, anniversary or just a simple celebration with your loved ones, it is ideal to celebrate it drinking a few glasses of champagne. A good way of making people excited about the highlight would be sabering. Ever since it was popularized by the Hussars, many blade manufacturing produced elegant and authentic sabres which are only intended for sabering.  


Learning about sabering is not as complicated as it sounds. As mentioned, the art does not need sharp edges blade to make things done. It is because the technique happens from inside the bottle. For learners or starters, you might want to try the Laguiole La Roque. It is simple yet elegant that allows you to perfectly execute sabrage at ease. Moreover, it is the most affordable type of champagne sabre you can find online today. Aside from the blade, you can also have this fantastic wooden box which makes it a little bit fancier.


You performed at front of your family or probably your friends and they could not get enough of performing the art. You can make it a little bit more exciting when you use the Berkel Corno di Bufalo. As the name it implies, the handle is authentically made from a buffalo horn. It is a very beautiful piece of art where you can perform sabrage and fully appreciate the amazing feel of quality and history.


For professionals, these are the people who are performing sabrage every night from the bar or probably from the resto. These people are probably the chef or someone who really knows how to sabrage. You can never go wrong with the Viper Mathusalem Palissandro. Aside from its elegant look, it is indeed a beautiful and robust sabre which are made from Italy. Its handle is made from rosewood.

Why Sabre Champagne? February 07 2017

To sabre or not to sabre the champagne bottle? That is the question. Sounds familiar isn’t it. Anyhow, sabering champagne is a must for any occasions you want to celebrate to add some spices a little bit. It excites everyone and anyone who is going to see such an art. In fact, in most diners these days, they make sure that their servers and crew knows how to execute sabrage or champagne sabering because many would love to see it before drinking such a good wine.

Easy To Learn

Though it may seems that the art is a complex piece of art, it is not as difficult as it looks. When doing so, expect that there will be a little mistake on your part particularly on how the lip of the bottle will be shattered. Keep in mind that not all champagne bottles are easy when it comes to sabering. All in all,  practicing the art will make you better. No even the finest chef in town can execute the art perfectly on a regular basis. Therefore, practicing will not make you prefect but to make you better.


Even though you don’t know how to cook or you don’t have a car, you can impress someone you admire when performing this kind of art. It makes everyone excited whenever they see the shining champagne sabre you are holding. Thus, this could be your chance of impressing someone you admire the most. This gives you a plus 10 factor especially if the girl is also a champagne enthusiast like you do.


Sabering a champagne is a skill not everyone could execute. If you are one of the few who knows the art, this is your chance of venturing into another career probably in the restaurants or taverns. You as the highlight of the night is a good start in the dining business.

Requested By Everyone

In any occasion whether it is wedding, anniversary, businesses, or just a simple birthday, many visitors will request for you performing the art. This means that you will never missed an occasion because of the fact that you are the highlight reel of the occasion. Of course, you have to look great and look natural. Keep in mind that if the lip of the bottle shattered inappropriately, all you have to do is to improvise your performance by saying that you intended it of doing so.



Sabrage or sabering a champagne is fun. Don’t forget to use an authentic champagne sword or champagne sabre when executing it. Keep in mind that the technique is not the blade but rather what happens inside the bottle. The champagne sword or sabre is the one that keeps on the pressure as the cork together with the lip flies. It is fun and it is exciting for the audiences and the one who is going to perform such an art.

All in all, do not be disappointed at your first try, it gives you the senses of accomplishment when executing sabrage perfectly.

Get Ready for Champagne Sabrage January 11 2017

So, you were impressed how the waiter or bartender used a saber to uncork the bottle of champagne. You, on the other hand, would like to try it but the problem is you don’t know where to start. The first thing that you should know is that you need to use the properly tool in order for you to execute the art of sabrage or sabering effectively. Never use knives which are found in your kitchen Always use a champagne saber or champagne sword when doing so.

The Bottle

Champagne bottle

The key points on how to execute sabrage are not the amount of force that you are going to use when you strike the bottle. Instead, the real trick is in the bottle. The carbon dioxide creates the force pushing the cork together with the lip away. The force inside what makes the cork and lip fly away. When doing so, it is highly recommended to at least buy three bottles of champagnes. Most likely, your first sabrage will be perfect so you may need backup bottles. In case that you are out of budget, sparkling wine also works well which is cheaper.


champagne sabre

As mentioned before, you must invest with the real champagne sword or champagne saber to execute the art smoothly. When you look closer, the sword or saber which is intended for sabrage does not have a sharp edge. In reality, the blade is blunt. The authentic design and looks will make the art dramatically awesome.


The champagne bottle must be cold but not ice cold particularly the neck of the bottle. The colder the neck the better. You can chill the neck of the bottle with an ice bucket by turning the bottle upside down. Remember to do so by not removing the wire just yet. Do not chill the champagne in the freezer or you will ruin the flavor. Moreover, the bottle might explode.

The Seam

As soon as the bottle is cold enough, It is time for you to shine. While removing the foil, take the time as you look for the seam of the bottle. The seam is the weak spot of the bottle where you are going to slide the blade to the lip. Look closer to the bottle to find the slight line.


Now when it comes to removing the wire, make sure to put your thumb over the cork for safety just in case. Also, when champagne sabering, ensure that you are going to point the bottle into a perfect spot where there are no pieces of stuff or people. You might injure someone or damage something when executing.


As you make your first sabrage whether you perfectly execute the art or not, it is importance to let the bubbles flow to eliminate shards. The pressure can eliminate the shards from the bottle, but you can never be too careful.


Finally, get your champagne flute and taste the flavor of success. Enjoy and have some fun.

How to Pop a Cork with a Champagne Sword? November 29 2016

Indeed, the most fantastic way to uncork a bottle of champagne is by using a champagne saber which is recognized by many as a noble art. The art was originated back in the time of Napoleon whenever they win and lose the battle. A nice way to celebrate their victory is by pouring and drinking the good wine. However, there is one problem, not one brought a champagne cork and this is where the art of Sabrage was invented. Since the Hussars (Napoleon’s Cavalry Men) are resourceful enough, they’ve used their primary weapon to uncork the bottle.  It became famous when they visited aristocrats after the French Revolution. Obviously, the first thing that runs through your head is how in the heck they do that? Below are the steps by steps on how to execute the art.

Your Weapon

champagne sabre

It is not recommended to use any types of knives when doing so. Using an ordinary kitchen knife is not an ideal when practicing. Thus, you should always have to make sure that you are only going to use champagne sabre. Sabrage does not require sharp edges when executing the art. In fact, when you look closer, you will see that the blade form champagne sword is actually blunt.  When it comes to the bottle, make sure that you brought champagne and not a sparkling wine.


Now for the exciting part, the first thing that you should be aware of is the fact that it is not all about the force you make when you cut the neck. It is all about the pressure inside the bottle. The bottle must be cold enough to make the chemical reaction from inside. But before sliding the blade, you should look for the seam of the bottle. Remove the foil from the bottle and as you look closely, you will see a line that separates the side of the bottle. This is the weakest point of the bottle and this is where you are going to slide the blade.  


uncorking champagne bottle

But before executing, you should remove the wire first and put your thumb while doing so just in case. There are times that the cork pops up quickly and this can destroy your moment. As soon as you remove the wire, point the bottle away from the audiences. Position the bottle in a 45-degree angle and make sure that you hold it firmly.


Now this is the moment you are longing for and hopefully, you are going to execute the art perfectly for the first try. Again as mentioned, it is not how much force when you slide the blade. Sliding the blade would be the support from what is happening from inside. Slide the blade towards the bottle to the lip. In most cases, the cork together with the lip will fly over than 5 meters.

Drinking Part

champagne flute

Allow the bubbles to flow as it removes any small fragments from the bottle. Pour the champagne to your champagne flute. Now it is time for you to drink. Cheers.

Reveal the History of Champagne Sabering October 26 2016

When you go to a party or any kinds of occasion to celebrate, perhaps you are curious why the bartender or wine waiter is holding a saber. You are probably confused at the moment (lucky that you are somewhere near at the exit just in case) and it looks like something exciting is going to happen. As the bartender slides the blade, you see that the cork together with the bottle of the lip pops up and you see the bubbles overflowing. This kind of art is called as sabering or also known as sabrage. It is a unique and unconventional way to uncork a bottle of champagne, but the art has actually existed during the Napoleonic War. 

Victories and Defeats

According to historians, Napoleon together with his brave men brought wines and champagnes during the siege back in 16th century. Whenever they won the battle, they celebrate their victories as they drink the good wines. When they lose, a good way to rekindle and rethink battle strategies is by drinking champagne. His cavalrymen called Hussars are the bravest men of them all. In fact, they are willing to die young for the great Napoleon Bonaparte. These horsemen are brave and tough using their sabers in melee attacks while mounted on their horses. Whenever they go back to camp to celebrate, they use their saber to uncork champagnes just like what you’ve seen.

French Revolution

As soon as the French Revolution is over, Napoleon together with the hussars decided to visit Aristocrats in Europe. This is where the young widow Clicquot comes to the scenario. When they found this young widow who is running her own champagne business, one of the officers of Napoleon decided to entertain Clicquot showing on how to uncork the bottle of champagne in the Hussar’s way. This is where champagne sabering or sabrage becomes a famous kind of art.

Love Story

Madame Clicquot

It is quite a romantic history where Madame Clicquot was fully entertained with this fine horseman with purely out of self-interest. Sad to say, although the story got a twist of faith and love thanks to champagne sabering, she never remarried to this fella. She has the time of her life of course, but, whatever the case, she continues her champagne business and renowned as one of the richest champagne manufacturer in the middle of 1800s. That concluded that not all love stories deserve a happy ending according to history.

Champagne Sabre Today

champagne sabre

These days, you can still have the glimpse of history and seize the moment of the 16th and 17th-century war. You can find authentic champagne sabre designs which are based on the original style. These masterpieces of blades are produced from the best steel, blades and knives manufacturer in Maniago North Eastern Italy. The sabers are available with a wooden box, a classy stand can be engraved with texts of your choice. The art of sabrage seems to be difficult at first, but you can actually learn how to execute it properly when using the champagne sabre.

Why the World Celebrates with Champagne? October 03 2016

Truly, the holiday is coming and you can almost feel the winter breeze and you hear the Christmas songs, gifts, toys and other pieces of Christmas stuff. Popping the cork and toasting a glass of fizzy champagne is a good way to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones and relatives. In fact, households from all around the world consider popping a bottle of champagne as part of the celebration. Indeed, such good wine is used to mark a special occasion.



Champagne is a bubbly light colored wine with its sweet taste and has been associated with luxury in parties, gatherings, and other events by the aristocrats in most part of Europe. Back then, only the elite individuals can afford such wine and it symbolizes peers of the realm. Then here comes the French revolution and the champagne becomes a part of the secular rituals that somehow replaces other religious rituals that are using wine. A good example for that is you can use the champagne christening a ship without the help of the priest. It was considered as a holy water and become popular as well in many religious events like weddings and baptism.

Is Champagne from England?

There are so many theories about where champagne was originated. Some would say that it was developed in France where a monk accidentally discovers the carbon dioxide reaction in his cave. But there are also claims that champagne was originally produced back in England where the technology of bottle and corking in the later part of the 1500s. The problem is, the right amount of sugar and they take for about a century just to perfect the taste. Then, the drink became popular to Paris among the wealthy people.

World Drinking Phenomenon

The good wine became a world drinking phenomena when the product was introduced to the world market in the 19th century. The drink is often used for the joyous occasion from the smashing bottle in weddings to maiden voyage. Today, you can see champagne as part of triumphant moment particularly in sports or even career. The F1 racing champion and runner-ups, for example, are popping their bottle of champagne and celebrate their prize along with the racing fans. The same way in the NBA, as soon as the game is over, you can see the entire team at their locker room as they go crazy with the champagnes.


Aside from popping up the cork, there is another way on how to uncork the bottle and this is called as sabering or sabrage in French. In most wedding and other elegant occasions, sabering champagne is the highlight of the celebration where a man stands in the midst of the crowd and shows off his elegant champagne saber, as he removes the foil and the wire of the bottle, he simply slides the sword and the lip of the bottle together with the cork flies. This kind of technique was originated after the French revolution as Napoleon together with his crusaders impressed the European aristocrats using their sabers when uncorking the good wine.