Learn How to Saber Champagne - The Latest Trend Of 2019 - 20 July 15 2015

Champagne has always been the climax of celebrations and special occasions. Guests, sponsors, and hosts are excited hearing the “loving whisper” and watching the bartender cutting the lips of the bottle using his champagne saber. Most champagne enthusiasts are collecting the vintage ones for pleasure, while others can’t wait to drink up such as good wine. If you are wondering how to open a bottle of champagne using a sabrage method or champagne sabering, it is quite easier and not messy than it seems to be. Sabering may look daunting, but with practice, you’ll achieve a dramatic flair as the cork flies with bubbles.

The Sabre

First, sabering needs an appropriate tool and an upright swift to do this perfectly. Champagne saber or champagne sword is not just a typical knife you used at the kitchen. It is highly recommended not to use a kitchen knife when executing sabrage. Do not try this at home using a cutter, dagger or a real sword.  As you observe, the blade of the champagne sword is blunt, this is because you don’t need a sharp edge when doing so. All it needs is the right precision and chemical reaction inside the bottle in order to pop-up.


Sabering or sabrage was originated and popularized by the great Napoleon’s army called the Hussars.  Hussars are the brave cavalries of Napoleon Bonaparte, they are the ones who strike their enemies in a short-range battle mounted with horses.  During the Napoleonic area, the army would celebrate victories drinking their favorite wine (champagne). Since they carry their sabers or swords all the time, ideally, why not make it something useful when it comes with celebration? After the French Revolution, Napoleon together with his army visits nobles and high profile individuals in Europe. As they rejoice, Europeans were amazed about the technique and became a popular state-of-the-art performance until today.

Champagne sabering

  • Here comes the fun part – when sabering a bottle of champagne, make sure that you are using champagne saber or champagne sword. Next, before anything else, you have to ensure that the bottle is properly chilled but not ice-cold.

  • Remove the foil from the neck of the bottle, for the meantime, leave the cage that supports the cork. After removing all the foils or the champagne label from the neck of the bottle, look for the seam of the bottle. There are two seams you can find that runs from the top towards the bottom.



  • Now it’s time to remove the cage or the wire which supports the cork. Put your thumb over the cork just in order to support it just in case. Now hold the champagne bottle in one hand and your champagne saber in the other. Point the bottle for about 45 degrees angle.

Slide your champagne sword using the blunt side of the saber swiftly by hitting the cork seam. You don’t need to use too much pressure when hitting the lips of the bottle, just slide your saber with a sudden force.