Why Did Champagne Become A Symbol For Celebration? July 30 2015

champagne sabre

Popping up the cork and toasting champagne has been the highlight of every celebration and occasion. A fizzy glass of champagne at the exact New Year’s Eve is a tradition to many. At thanksgiving day, eating turkey will never be the same without a bottle of champagne for dessert. In nuptial ceremonies, the best man would deliver his small speech to the couple as he lifts up his glass of champagne to sponsors and expatiators. Such good wine is always been present from small family gathering, anniversary, or any kind of days to celebrate. So, why we do celebrate with champagne?

French Revolution

Champagne has been part of Napoleonic War and French Revolution. After a treacherous battle, Napoleon together with his brave men called the Hussars used to celebrate their victories drinking such good wine. Instead of uncorking, they prefer to use their sabres cutting the neck of the bottles. This is where sabrage or sabering was developed. Today, there are different kinds of champagne sword and champagne sabre to choose from at any champagne store accessories and online. Champagne sabre and champagne sword are only intended for sabering and no longer for cutting meat or thrusting. After the French Revolution, Napoleon visited many nobles and aristocrat all over Europe and champagne was there as the fine beverage.

Tradition and beliefs

It became a part of secular activities and religious rituals. In Catholicism, a child would never be a part of this religious group without christening by the use of so-called “holy water” and the benediction of the priest. While, ships can also be christened but this time even without a priest, instead of holy water, champagne will do. Then, the drink became part of weddings, baptisms and other religious events. The tradition of celebration with champagne can be traced back in the Royal Courts of Europe. Back in 1789 champagne is recognized as a status symbol.


In the secular world, champagne is a symbol of joy and purity. Just as simple as hearing the cork popping up or commonly called as the loving whisper is enough to make the celebration very memorable. In some cases, champagne sabering will make the occasion very extravagant.

Sporting Industry

In the sporting industry, champagne is widely used as a symbol of triumphs. In F1 racing, in particular, the champion has the privilege to uncork champagne together with the first and second place. Many famous athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods Mike Tyson, Joe Montana, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., have champagne poured on them as a sign of victory. It is not just a fine beverage but also an iconic figure for accomplishments.

The Rich and the Famous

The popularity of such fine wine makes the rich and the famous fell in love with it. Lots of magnates and tycoons found themselves delighted when collecting different brands of champagnes whether the vintage and the non-vintage type. Vintage champagnes can range from thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars or more which allows these rich fellows to feel the sense of satisfaction.