Champagne Sabering Ceremonies August 13 2015

Decades and decades ago, back to the Napoleonic period, the art of uncorking champagne using a sabre was a theatrical and exclusive way to serve the fine wine. During those times after the French revolution was finally over, the great Napoleon Bonaparte together with his cavalry called the Hussars visited numerous noble people in most area of Europe. Most of these European were amazed on how these brave men uncorks the champagne by using their sword and this is where the art of sabering became popular by many.


Sabrage or champagne sabering is a dramatic yet contained explosion with the most pleasurable way to appreciate such a fine wine. It may look complicated as it sounds, but with few practices and the right amount of pressure, you can achieve this one of a kind artistic method. The bottle of champagne must be called enough in order to make the right amount of chemical reaction inside the bottle. The right type of sabre must be used in order to succeed. Typical knives that you can find at your kitchen will not work. If you look closely, champagne swords are only design for champagne sabering. This is why the blade is blunt. Sharp-edged blade is unnecessary. Champagne sabre or sword is not meant for thrusting and cutting meat. The only purpose of it is to execute champagne sabering.

Champagne Sabre

Today, champagne sabre is an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the history of champagne sabre and its origin. It can be a collector’s item for everyone who desires to enhance their home’s interior or even at the office. It is a sly combination of inclination and history. You can find lots of champagne sword or champagne sabre over the web. To give you some ideas to make all your money’s worth, you can choose from the following below.

Fox Sciaboladel Sommelier

champagne sword



For starters, the Fox Sciabola del Sommelier is one of the most popular and bestselling champagne saber which is no longer a surprise. One glimpse of it, you’ll know that it is a masterpiece. The sabre is manufactured from the small city of North Eastern Italy called Maniago. Maniago is recognized by many as a place for production of fine steel blades in the entire world. The sabre is a classy and amazingly good. The sabre is heavy and dependable enough to cut the lips of the bottle of champagne nice, smooth and easy. The price goes £195.00 delivered to you with elegant box. To add personal touches, you can add engraved text of your personal choice.

Claude Dozorme Lassalle Bleu

champagne sabre

You’ll probably forget the word elegant when you see this exclusive sabre. Manufactured by the finest blade maker in the world Claude Dozorme.Claude Dozorme was in the blade manufacturing industry back in 1902, a very popular brand worldwide. It’s an extravagant champagne sabre for people to enjoy champagne and wine collection. It is considered as one of the most exclusive champagne sabre in the world perfect for gift.