The Legends And History of Champagne Sabre and Sabrage August 27 2015

Saber is a type of sword with a singled edged curve blade for short distance combat. It is especially design for thrusting and cutting while riding a horse. The sword has a hand guard which covers the knuckles and fingers. Some were designed with double-edged blade which, these sabers are ideal for heavy cavalry in combat. The sword is usually carried in a scabbard which hangs from the shoulder or most of the time from the waist. This type of sword has been used in Europe ever since the medieval age. It dates back from the 17th century which became famous by western nations of Hungarian. These brave men are also called as the Hussars.

The sabre is an extensive weapon which made history particularly in the Napoleonic wars. Napoleon himself with the help of his cavalry (The Hussars) uses this weapon for heavy charges which make great effects to his enemies. It is an ideal weapon both for melee attacks and surprise attacks. This weapon eventually faded ever since revolvers, carbines and heavy artilleries were developed.

Modern Sabers

These days sabers are still available but the purpose is no longer for thrusting. Modern saber is an ideal item for collection. Also, it can be used when uncorking a bottle of champagne. Sabrage or sabering champagne is a distinctive technique of uncorking champagne. Unlike the usual method whereas you are going to use a cork screw in order to remove the lid of the bottle. This time, all you have to do is to swiftly strike the lips of the bottle by sliding the blade of champagne sword or saber. The technique was popularized by the Hussars when the great Napoleon Bonaparte visited aristocrats in Europe after the French Revolution. They were amazed how his brave men uncork the good wine using their swords.

Champagne Swords and Sabers

Champagne swords for various types of champagne come with different style, materials and concept available online. To add personal touch, these items can be engraved. However, you have to bear in mind that a champagne saber and champagne sword is no longer use for cutting or thrusting. This is why as you look closer the blade is blunt with no sharp edges. This is because when executing sabrage, you don’t need a sharp edge to do so. All you need is the right amount of pressure, precision and chemical reaction inside the bottle. If you want to learn more about the art of sabrage, discover different kinds of champagne sabers and sword below.

Laguiole La Roque – Is a simple yet elegant champagne saber that comes with special case. It is very affordable yet, very dependable sabre.  This type of champagne sabre has a clean and simple design. Plus, the weight of this find sabre is perfect for sabrage. You can have this simple and affordable sabre for only £59.00. champagne sabre

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze – If you prefer to relieve the adventure, then this sabre is definitely for you. The design is a classical exclusive heavy sabre which is really dependable. It includes an elegant stand and case perfect for display. The sabre goes £195.00 which is currently sold out due to popular demand.