Facts You May Know About Champagne And Sabering October 28 2015

For those people who don’t have enough time yet are really interested to know more facts about a fine drink called champagne. This article put together these simple facts which informs you on the basic principle of champagne and its capability to give us the sense of satisfaction whenever we achieved or something to celebrate with our lives.

Champagne is from France

Such good wine has its rightful name and always comes from the region of France called Champagne. The region is in the area of city of Reims whereas, you can only call champagne as “champagne” if it was made and processed from this particular region. If the wine was not made from the region of champagne it is recognized as a bubbly wine. Therefore, don’t be fooled by champagnes that were made in any countries unless it was from France. These days, there are over than 5000 champagne suppliers or makers and the biggest is the Moët Et Chandon.

Overpriced Champagnes

Yes, there are champagnes available today which you and I could not afford unless your name is Donald Trump. Shipwrecked champagne is the most expensive champagne available today with only 168 bottles remaining. As the name goes, it was recovered back in the year 2010 from the bottom of the sea and these are over 170 years old. Each bottle is $156,000.00. Champagne price varies depending on the quality. There are vintage and non-vintage champagnes. The vintage champagnes are more expensive.

Made from Grapes

Champagne is made with two or three types of grapes and these are the Pinot Noir, the white Chardonnay and often a small part of red Pinot Meunier. These grapes are carefully handpicked by champagne makers. Single damage to grape can affect the quality of such a good drink. But remember champagne serves with health benefits too. 

What is Champagne Sabering?

There is an artistic method on how to uncork a champagne bottle and this is called sabrage or champagne sabering. It was originated back in the Napoleonic period where nobles and aristocrats were fascinated by how the Hussars (Napoleon’s Cavalries) uses their sabers to open the bottle really quick. Today, champagne saber or champagne sword Is ideal for a gift for those champagne enthusiasts. Sabrage is performed from classy diners by bartenders or waiters.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glass

Obviously, it is best drinking champagne from the flute. It is a tulip-shaped glass intended for champagne since the bubbles evaporate quickly and the aroma could not be tested properly if it is not in the champagne flute. The structure of the glass is designed in order to control the bubbles rise to form the little drop.

Champagne Lovers

Love for Champagne

You can simply distinguish if a person who drinks champagne is a novice or experienced champagne drinker.  An expert would not make any annotations at his or her first zip of the glass. A novice who bluffs can be extremely entertaining telling people around him or her about his/her judgment about the fine wine. An expert will only make his/her observation about the wine if there are not more three-quarters full of his/her glass.