Why People Celebrate Most of Their Occasions With Champagne December 11 2015

Sabering the bottle of champagne or popping the cork and toasting with sparkling, sweet, fizzy, champagne as the clock strikes the New Year is a tradition for many. It is truly a ritual for many households from generations to generations. So, why such fine wine is used to mark a special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions and even sporting activities?

Premium wine

Premium Wine


This premium bubbly wine is associated with luxury, parties and triumphs in royal courts. In general, these drinks were exclusively for aristocrats in most parts of Europe. After the French revolution, it becomes a secular ritual which replaced the traditional religious rituals.

Champagne Tradition

Champagne was used to christening a ship. They no longer have to look for a priest. Instead, of holy water, champagne is a preferred alternative. So why champagne for weddings you asked? It is because the drink turns out to be an opened baptism. Athletes in any kinds of sporting event pour out this fine wine and celebrate victory. There are also some people who would love to drink during their defeat. This encourages them to get back on their feet.

Healthy eating and socialization

Despite of the fact that champagne is considered as liquor, did you know that it is good for the heart? As a matter of fact, study shows that it is also a good way to fight obesity. Yet of course, it is not an alternative to medicine. But, it can help you to focus on healthy eating, social connection to others and satisfaction.


As mentioned after the French revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte the great together with his hussars were invited by many aristocrats in Europe. It became a popular work of art when it was first witnessed by many aristocrats by using a saber as a way of cutting the lip of the bottle instead of using a cork screw. These days, it becomes the highlight of the event which adds a little more excitement. There are also champagne saber and champagne swords available ideal for gifts.

champagne sabre


Worldwide phenomenon

The drink was instantly become a worldwide phenomenon. A certain occasion would never be the same without such fine drink in the table. It is used to commemorate joyous occasions such as smashing the bottle to the ship before its first launch in the ocean. Other cultures throw glasses to the floor It symbolizes abundance and joy which allows everyone to have the sense of satisfaction.

Champagne today

Today, there are champagne and wine enthusiasts who would love to collect vintage and non-vintage champagne for pleasure. These collectors will do what it takes just to put the bottles in their champagne cabin. Money is not an object with these people, what really a matter is that they can taste these champagnes which give them not just the sense of pleasure but also fulfillment. Others also collect champagne swords and champagne sabers not because they want to execute sabrage or sabering. These champagne swords and champagne sabers were intended for displays.