Celebrate The New Year's Eve With The Spectacular Champagne Cocktails January 04 2016

Let us end the year 2018 with a blast. When it comes with celebrating the year-end and welcoming the New Year, there is a big chance that the first thing that pops up to your mind is champagne. Set aside those fireworks, turkey, breadcrumbs, pastries, cakes, sweets and fruits. After all, what goes together better than toasting the people around you with New Year’s cocktails? Vintage champagne sabering will really satisfy your cravings. But what if you don’t have the budget and you can only afford the non-vintage cheap champagne? It may don’t taste kind of awful, but, there are ways on how to make champagne taste better.


  • Citrus Champagne -

    Whether you have simple gatherings together with your relatives or perhaps a grand celebration on New Year’s Eve, you can spice things up a little turn your champagne into one heck of a drink. The best part of making a citrus champagne cocktail is that it is adorable. This will make the occasion more festive and delicious.

  • Orange Champagne Punch -

    A perfect way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a blast is making a champagne punch for everyone. The beverage is easy to serve and easy to prepare. All it takes is a bit of your creativity. You can combine pomegranate seeds with mint leaves which add flavor as it comes out and melts in your mouth.

  • Champagne Mojito -

    Champagne Mojito will make the celebration pretty much awesome. It is refreshing and at the same perfect for something light and delicious. All you need is to add your champagne a bit of sugar and fresh mint leaves.

  • Champagne Punch -

    If you want to make your drink sweeter but not being so sweet, then champagne punch with berries, pineapple juice, Chambord and ginger ale will really put those other beverages to shame. Get ready for the count down in the midnight.

Champagne Tower

A very nice way to make the ambiance breathtaking is to make a champagne tower. Try to look for a solid base for your tower. Make sure that you always use coupe champagne glasses and not flutes. Successive smaller layers are essential in order to make a very dramatic look and make sure that each glass touches the surrounding glasses. When you do it right, you can see a diamond shape between each glass.

Sabrage / Champagne sabering

Champagne Sabre

Another way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a blast is sabering those bottles of champagnes. Ensure that you are going to use Champagne Sabre or Champagne sword and not just your average kitchen knives when doing this art. Also, keep in mind that you have to keep those bottles cool particularly the neck. Remember that you should point the bottle in the safest range as much as possible in order to avoid injuries. Champagne Sabre and Champagne sword are also ideal as gifts and collectibles.

As 2018 will soon be over and we welcome 2019, we are hoping to have a great and prosperous New Year.