How To Master The Art Of Champagne Sabering Perfectly? January 19 2016

Champagne sabering or also known as sabrage is a piece of art and execution that cuts the lip of the bottle of champagne using a champagne sabre. Unlike the typical way of uncorking the bottle by which you have to use a cork screw, a special sabre or sword designed exclusively to make the execution perfect. These champagne swords or champagne sabers are specially made not to cut meat or for thrusting. They are only intended for champagne sabering thus the blade does not have any sharp edge. It is not recommended when doing this one of a kind performance to use only this tool and not your typical knives found in your kitchen.


Sabrage was developed and became famous during the Napoleonic Period and it was from Napoleon Bonaparte’s horsemen called the hussars. Back then, champagne is their preference forever victory they’ve won on the battlefield, Champagnes are also their companion for every defeat. The Hussars uses their primary weapon sabers to uncork the bottle. It became famous after the French Revolution during Napoleon’s visits in most part Europe particularly the aristocrats. These noble people were amazed at how his brave men uncork the bottle. The performance was the highlight which is really impressive and entertaining.

Sabering Today

Now, you don’t need to be one of the bravest men of Napoleon. All you need is the proper technique and the right tool in order to make the execution perfect. Of course, practice makes the performance perfect.

First, make sure to only use champagne sabre or champagne sword. These swords are available from online and offline champagne shops. What really matters is not how much force you when you strike. The real technique is what turns up inside the bottle.

Del Ben Corno di Bufalo Champagne Sabre

Make sure that the neck of the bottle is cold. It is important to remove the seal of the bottle and carefully remove the wire which supports the cork. Next is to find the seam of the bottle, it is the weakest part of the bottle and this is where you are going to swipe your champagne sabre.

Position the bottle for about 45 degrees and make sure to point the bottle where it safe. The amount of force as you strike the bottle from the neck into the lip will vary depending on the quality of the bottle. When striking, it is important to remember to execute sabrage not too careless and not too careful either.


As you strike the bottle, except that the lip together with the cork will whoosh up for about 5 up to 7 feet high. There will be a few champagne spills which you obviously waste such a good wine. Never drink directly to the bottle otherwise you are going to injure or wound yourself. Wait for a few seconds as the bubbles go to make sure that the bottle is free from fragments. Use champagne flute when drinking the great wine and share it with everyone. So, how about a try and see how it goes?