Sabering Champagne On The Day Of Your Wedding Reception February 19 2016

So you’ve decided to settle down with your special someone and get married. As you proposed and she told you that she is willing to be with you for the rest of your life, keep in mind that it is just the beginning and it is far from over. Indeed, the wedding day is the most important part of your life. But again, a wedding is just an event, what really matters the most is your married life. It’s time for you to get serious and start a family on your own. But first, you should plan your wedding and the things that should be done.

The budget

Yes, the budget really matters up to this point in life. Aside from the wedding cake, wedding ring, dresses, food, and souvenirs, in order for you to minimize the cost is the numbers of your visitors. This could be the most vital part of your planning. Of course, you want to invite all the special people around you but if your budget is limited then you got to be more specific.


Seek some advice with your friends, loved ones, relatives and co-workers. Yet again, you don’t have to let them decide for you. Just let their suggestions be just suggestions.


Champagne Sabering

Imagine how awesome this could be if you execute champagne sabering in front of your guests. It is essential to practice and it is always advisable to use champagne sabre or champagne sword. Make sure that the bottle is cold particularly the neck part, remove the foil, find the seam and point the bottle where it’s safe. It is a nice way to end the occasion and a great way to start your family. You can learn more about sabrage and find the most elegant champagne sword on the web.