Champagne Sabre – A Perfect Gift For a Business Partner September 06 2017

So, you and your business partner are planning on how to increase your conversion and take advantage of the holiday season. You are all set, from the online marketing ads, promos, freebies, and posters in order to entice your target market. Both of you are ready and you are looking forward to growing your business in the long term. Of course, the two of you won’t become a business partner if you don’t trust each other and you don’t have an intimate relationship with him or her. Have you ever considered gifting your partner? If not, then this would be the perfect time to do so.

So Many To Choose From

There are so many items to choose from and you can always do this online. You can find as many as novelty items, gadgets, pricey wines, brandy or even the most sophisticated vase you ever saw. But all of these would be just things if you don’t include your personal touch. Moreover, how about gifting your business partner something different that he can cherish and appreciate for the rest of his/her life. For the perfect gift for your business partner, here is - champagne saber

Champagne Saber


Champagne Saber

That’s right, you can never go wrong with the champagne saber. It’s majestic looks and uniqueness would not just surprise your business partner, but would make him stand and awe. For the personal touch, a simple message or texts such as the name of your business engraved from a laser engraving system can make this saber priceless.  

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

It's intimidating look and majestic shape says it all. This is made from the greatest blade manufacturer in Italy - Berkel. It is a high-quality blade inspired from the Napoleonic era which can be delivered to your business partner’s doorstep with its fine casing. The blade can be engraved according to the texts of your choice with a maximum of 20 to 30 characters. The overall design is authentic and will not fail when it comes to executing the art of sabrage.

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier

Is the most popular and best-selling champagne sword not because of its price but rather because of its looks? It is indeed a beautiful masterpiece produced by a small city in Maniago Italy. You can choose from bronze black, bronze, and silver. Its handle is authentically made from bronze, while silver is made from the finest metal. Engraving will be accommodated to your choice to the blade or to the wooden case.

Viper Mathusalem Ulivo

If you already fell in love with a champagne sword or champagne saber, then there is a chance that you won’t give this to your business partner but rather keep it as one of your collection. The blade is made from robust and finest metal. The handle is made from an olive tree which makes it very elegant.

Viper Mathusalem UlivoYou can find more about champagne saber online, and who knows? You can pick the best champagne sword as a gift for yourself as well. By now, it is certain that you are already hooked from these elegant blades, and it will no longer be a surprise if your business partner would be hooked too.