Champagne Sabre – Perfect Gift for a Sommelier August 18 2017

You probably never heard about what the heck is a sommelier, but you know someone dear to you like your granddad or uncle has this kind of title. All you know is that this person knows a lot about wine and this is what exactly a sommelier supposed to be. In fact, you can never be called as a sommelier if you don’t have an education or received recognition or certificate. Anyone can say that he or she knows about wine, but there is nothing more knowledgeable if a person has this title.

champagne sabre, champagne sword

 North American Sommelier Association

One of a few that can authentically recognize someone that he is a sommelier is the Northern American Sommelier Association. This association can provide certification whereas, the training or the course is divided into three phases. Aside from determining many kinds of wine, the association can also train master wine taster, master wine service, and master wine ceremony. Aside from those, the association also offers the Italian WIne Specialist course.

 Ideal Gift

So, when thinking about expressing your deepest regards, you might think that it would be nice to give him a wine. Yet, this can be so predictable and he knows exactly what year it was developed just by seeing the brand or maybe just smelling the wine. That’s how good a sommelier can be. A bottle of wine will certainly be highly appreciated, yet, you can fascinate him by gifting something else and this is where champagne sword or champagne saber comes into the scenario.

Gift Of  A Lifetime

A Sommelier knows about this, but most of them would really admire this majestic piece of work rather than wine. Because they are highly trained about wine tasting and smelling, they could no longer be impressed whether you are going to give him premium wines or wines that have been locked up for a very long time. Champagne saber would be the kind of gift that they could remember. Aside from its majestic looks, it has a long history that connects champagne and the French Revolution. It would no longer a surprise if you saw your grandpa smiling with some tears from his eyes.

 Varieties Of Selection

You can find wide varieties of selection when searching online. There are the cheap ones and there are also pricey ones and the rare ones. While regardless of your budget, what really counts is your thoughtfulness. How to do so? By making the saber personalized. For personal touch, you can never go wrong with personalization by using the laser engraving technology. There are online shops that offer this kind of service which is awesome. You can put your message, the date and even your Grandfather’s name on it.