What Makes Champagne Sabering Center of Attraction On Occasions? August 22 2016

Whatever the occasion is, whether it is a wedding day, a simple anniversary, a family gathering, New Year or an engagement, all of these celebrations will never be the same without champagne sabering. Such good wine can turn the occasion pretty much exciting indeed. When the toastmaster has his announcement to make, a good way to catch everyone’s attention is by sounding an empty flute. This simply means that he has something important thing to say. After the important announcement here comes a good bottle of champagne. As the toastmaster uncorks the lips, you will hear the echoing sound of a sweet whisper to the entire room as everyone expects to have the taste of that delicious wine.


celebration with champagne

Regardless of the culture, beliefs, and traditions, a good way to celebrate the occasion is by popping a bottle of champagne. People love to pop up a bottle and mark the occasion. Moreover, such good wine launched thousands of ships, celebrates together with the rich and famous, and have been poured out to many sports championships. It is a custom from all around the world that enhances the grandeur of the occasion.



In most cases, you will see that the cork looks like a mushroom shape but actually, corks are straight in shape before they are put into the bottle. The shape is because of the result of the inserted portion of the cork compressed. This is why every time you hear the sound of a sweet whisper, sounds like something is popping.


sabering champagne

Sabering champagne or also known as sabrage is an exquisite art of uncorking the champagne. Instead of using the traditional corkscrew, the one who performs the art will use a champagne sword or champagne saber. The tool was inspired back in the time of Napoleon and was popularized by his brave men called the Hussars. Today, it is a fine art where everyone will stand and awe of amazement as the blade slides to the bottle and strikes its lip. If you wish to know about the steps to perform sabrage.

The Climax

The bottle of champagne is at the center of the podium. You notice that it is full of ice in the bucket and at the side of it, there’s a small white towel. You will see a person standing next to it holding some kind of a medieval sword and you wonder why what is he going to do with the bottle. He unseals the bottle and removes the wire and he begins to look for something from the bottle. He holds the good wine into a 45-degree position and with the right stance, he slides the blade hitting the lip. You hear the crowd astounded with amazement as you watch the bubbles coming out from the bottle. Such art is indeed the center of attraction on any occasion.

In many kinds of occasions, a good way to start or to end the party with the bang is by popping a good bottle of champagne. Uncorking the bottle with the use of corkscrew makes the crowd cheers but uncorking the bottle of champagne using a champagne sword, it makes the crowd speechless.