Important Difference Between Champagne and Prosecco October 26 2017

Both Champagne and Prosecco are fine wines which you can simply enjoy such beverages anytime you want. You can drink Champagne or Prosecco at night, after dinner or whenever you want to celebrate a certain event or something. All in all, there are big differences between the two, yet both are delicious and can be very satisfying.

The Distinctiveness Of The Two Fine Wines

First, Champagne was developed from France which its distinctiveness was discovered by a certain monk. It was not developed, by the way,  the process and the taste were discovered by accidents. Through time, wine manufacturers from France developed and improve its taste. The Prosecco, on the other hand, is from Italy. Unlike champagne, where the process is too complicated, this type of bubbly is produced by a pretty much less complicated method and cheap as well, called the tank method.

Price And The Taste

You can simply determine the difference when it comes to the price. Champagne tag price is around $40.00 up to $100,000.00 per bottle. There are two types of champagnes and these are the non-vintage and the vintage ones. Shipwreck is the most expensive champagne. The Prosecco can be yours for only $12.00 up to $1000.00. Champagne is made from different types of premium grapes such as chardonnay, pinot noir, Meunier grapes. Obviously, Prosecco is made from prosecco or also known as Glera. Champagne has its own distinctive taste such as white cherry, peach, citrus, and almonds. While Processor has the taste of green apple, cream, and honey lemon.


Going back to the process, champagne has at least 2 years of fermentation and another process. Take note that it must be kept in a certain place that meets a certain temperature. Champagne would be called as bubbly wine when it is not made from France. The processor has its fruity flavor that’s for sure since the grapes are preserved and processed for a long time in a tank.


 Both have a delicious taste and the best way to serve them is when they are cold. Of course, not ice-cold by the way. You can drink a glass of champagne or two after your everyday grind. But, keep in mind that whenever you open a bottle of champagne, make sure that you finish them. You can share the wine with your loved ones, guests or even friends. You can pair champagne with pickled veggies, light foods for appetizers, and potato chips. Red meat is a perfect match to Prosecco since it has a fruity flavor. Both are ideal for desserts and definitely, you will ask for more.


There is no argument that champagne is a premium type of bubbly wine for sure. But, in case you want to taste pretty much different when having a break for a weekend, you can choose Prosecco over Champagne. Yet, on any occasion without champagne, it seems like you are missing something.





Champagne Sabre – A Perfect Gift For a Business Partner September 06 2017

So, you and your business partner are planning on how to increase your conversion and take advantage of the holiday season. You are all set, from the online marketing ads, promos, freebies, and posters in order to entice your target market. Both of you are ready and you are looking forward to growing your business in the long term. Of course, the two of you won’t become a business partner if you don’t trust each other and you don’t have an intimate relationship with him or her. Have you ever considered gifting your partner? If not, then this would be the perfect time to do so.

So Many To Choose From

There are so many items to choose from and you can always do this online. You can find as many as novelty items, gadgets, pricey wines, brandy or even the most sophisticated vase you ever saw. But all of these would be just things if you don’t include your personal touch. Moreover, how about gifting your business partner something different that he can cherish and appreciate for the rest of his/her life. For the perfect gift for your business partner, here is - champagne saber

Champagne Saber


Champagne Saber

That’s right, you can never go wrong with the champagne saber. It’s majestic looks and uniqueness would not just surprise your business partner, but would make him stand and awe. For the personal touch, a simple message or texts such as the name of your business engraved from a laser engraving system can make this saber priceless.  

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

It's intimidating look and majestic shape says it all. This is made from the greatest blade manufacturer in Italy - Berkel. It is a high-quality blade inspired from the Napoleonic era which can be delivered to your business partner’s doorstep with its fine casing. The blade can be engraved according to the texts of your choice with a maximum of 20 to 30 characters. The overall design is authentic and will not fail when it comes to executing the art of sabrage.

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier

Is the most popular and best-selling champagne sword not because of its price but rather because of its looks? It is indeed a beautiful masterpiece produced by a small city in Maniago Italy. You can choose from bronze black, bronze, and silver. Its handle is authentically made from bronze, while silver is made from the finest metal. Engraving will be accommodated to your choice to the blade or to the wooden case.

Viper Mathusalem Ulivo

If you already fell in love with a champagne sword or champagne saber, then there is a chance that you won’t give this to your business partner but rather keep it as one of your collection. The blade is made from robust and finest metal. The handle is made from an olive tree which makes it very elegant.

Viper Mathusalem UlivoYou can find more about champagne saber online, and who knows? You can pick the best champagne sword as a gift for yourself as well. By now, it is certain that you are already hooked from these elegant blades, and it will no longer be a surprise if your business partner would be hooked too.

Everything You Need To Know About Drinking Champagne June 12 2017

Champagne is indeed the highlight reel of any events whether it is a simple gathering or highly exclusive. Aside from its tasteful treat, there are many ways on how to appreciate such great wine. There are several things that you should try to make it a bit more thrilling whenever you are celebrating.

Champagne Tower

It is nice to make a toss for everyone and make a few speech about the occasion. It is often done during wedding proposal or even the wedding reception. But, you can make the ceremony much more exciting by making a champagne tower. Of course, you really need a flat platform in order to make sure that champagne together with the champagne coupe will be not spoiled. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between a champagne flute and a champagne coupe. Never use the champagne flute when making a champagne tower.

As soon as you collected champagne coupes (preferably plastic made) it is time for you to make a base. Make a square shape and make sure that each other is touching he coupe around it. For every additional level, place another set of coupes at the top. Continue building it until you have reach the top. Now it is time for you to pop up the bottle and pour it until the last glass is filled.


it is nice to see the bubbles as the cork flies to the air when popping up the bottle. But there is another way to do that which was existed not so long ago. Champagne sabering is not as dangerous and difficult as it seems. Yet again, you need the right tool when doing so. Never use kitchen knife instead, always use champagne sword or champagne saber when executing the art.

First, the bottle must be cold enough before sliding the blade to the lip. Make sure that you removed the wires supporting the cork and the seals as well. Located the seam of the bottle since this is where you are going to slide the blade. Hold the bottle to a 45 degree and point it somewhere safe. Slide the blade smoothly, not to soft but not too hard either. What’s really makes the cork and the lip of the bottle to fly is not the force but rather what is happening from the inside. Let the bubbles flow to remove small fragments of the bottle just in case.

Drink It Up To The Fullest

There are many ways on how to drink champagne with style but the most important thing that you should know is to serve champagne cold. If you are the type of person who always want to smell its aroma, better to use champagne float, but if you are craving for its taste and look forward for the next round, no one is stopping you. Champagne coupe is highly recommended for you. (But, don’t get the glass from the champagne tower though) Enjoy your glass of champagne to the fullest.


Reveal The Origin And History of Champagne Sabering October 26 2016

When you go to a party or any kinds of occasion to celebrate, perhaps you are curious why the bartender or wine waiter is holding a saber. You are probably confused at the moment (lucky that you are somewhere near at the exit just in case) and it looks like something exciting is going to happen. As the bartender slides the blade, you see that the cork together with the bottle of the lip pops up and you see the bubbles overflowing. This kind of art is called as sabering or also known as sabrage. It is a unique and unconventional way to uncork a bottle of champagne, but the art has actually existed during the Napoleonic War. 

Victories and Defeats

According to historians, Napoleon together with his brave men brought wines and champagnes during the siege back in the 16th century. Whenever they won the battle, they celebrate their victories as they drink good wines. When they lose, a good way to rekindle and rethink battle strategies is by drinking champagne. His cavalrymen called Hussars are the bravest men of them all. In fact, they are willing to die young for the great Napoleon Bonaparte. These horsemen are brave and tough using their sabers in melee attacks while mounted on their horses. Whenever they go back to camp to celebrate, they use their saber to uncork champagnes just like what you’ve seen.

French Revolution

As soon as the French Revolution is over, Napoleon together with the hussars decided to visit Aristocrats in Europe. This is where the young widow Clicquot comes to the scenario. When they found this young widow who is running her own champagne business, one of the officers of Napoleon decided to entertain Clicquot showing on how to uncork the bottle of champagne in the Hussar’s way. This is where champagne sabering or sabrage becomes a famous kind of art.

Love Story

Madame Clicquot

It is quite a romantic history where Madame Clicquot was fully entertained with this fine horseman with purely out of self-interest. Sad to say, although the story got a twist of faith and love thanks to champagne sabering, she never remarried to this fella. She has the time of her life of course, but, whatever the case, she continues her champagne business and renowned as one of the richest champagne manufacturer in the middle of 1800s. That concluded that not all love stories deserve a happy ending according to history.

Champagne Sabre Today

champagne sabre

These days, you can still have the glimpse of history and seize the moment of the 16th and 17th-century war. You can find authentic champagne sabre designs which are based on the original style. These masterpieces of blades are produced from the best steel, blades and knives manufacturer in Maniago North-Eastern Italy. The sabers are available with a wooden box, a classy stand can be engraved with texts of your choice. The art of sabrage seems to be difficult at first, but you can actually learn how to execute it properly when using the champagne sabre.

Why the World Celebrates with Champagne? October 03 2016

Truly, the holiday is coming and you can almost feel the winter breeze and you hear the Christmas songs, gifts, toys and other pieces of Christmas stuff. Popping the cork and toasting a glass of fizzy champagne is a good way to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones and relatives. In fact, households from all around the world consider popping a bottle of champagne as part of the celebration. Indeed, such good wine is used to mark a special occasion.



Champagne is a bubbly light-colored wine with its sweet taste and has been associated with luxury in parties, gatherings, and other events by the aristocrats in most part of Europe. Back then, only the elite individuals can afford such wine and it symbolizes peers of the realm. Then here comes the French revolution and the champagne becomes a part of the secular rituals that somehow replaces other religious rituals that are using wine. A good example of that is you can use the champagne christening a ship without the help of the priest. It was considered as holy water and become popular as well in many religious events like weddings and baptism.

Is Champagne from England?

There are so many theories about where champagne was originated. Some would say that it was developed in France where a monk accidentally discovers the carbon dioxide reaction in his cave. But there are also claims that champagne was originally produced back in England where the technology of bottle and corking in the latter part of the 1500s. The problem is, the right amount of sugar and they take for about a century just to perfect the taste. Then, the drink became popular to Paris among the wealthy people.

World Drinking Phenomenon

The good wine became a world drinking phenomena when the product was introduced to the world market in the 19th century. The drink is often used for the joyous occasion from the smashing bottle in weddings to maiden voyage. Today, you can see champagne as part of triumphant moment particularly in sports or even career. The F1 racing champion and runner-ups, for example, are popping their bottle of champagne and celebrate their prize along with the racing fans. The same way in the NBA, as soon as the game is over, you can see the entire team at their locker room as they go crazy with the champagnes.


Aside from popping up the cork, there is another way on how to uncork the bottle and this is called as sabering or sabrage in French. In most wedding and other elegant occasions, sabering champagne is the highlight of the celebration where a man stands in the midst of the crowd and shows off his elegant champagne saber, as he removes the foil and the wire of the bottle, he simply slides the sword and the lip of the bottle together with the cork flies. This kind of technique was originated after the French revolution as Napoleon together with his crusaders impressed the European aristocrats using their sabers when uncorking the good wine.