Champagne Sabre – Perfect Gift for a Sommelier August 18 2017

You probably never heard about what the heck is a sommelier, but you know someone dear to you like your granddad or uncle has this kind of title. All you know is that this person knows a lot about wine and this is what exactly a sommelier supposed to be. In fact, you can never be called as a sommelier if you don’t have an education or received recognition or certificate. Anyone can say that he or she knows about wine, but there is nothing more knowledgeable if a person has this title.

champagne sabre, champagne sword

 North American Sommelier Association

One of a few that can authentically recognize someone that he is a sommelier is the Northern American Sommelier Association. This association can provide certification whereas, the training or the course is divided into three phases. Aside from determining many kinds of wine, the association can also train master wine taster, master wine service, and master wine ceremony. Aside from those, the association also offers the Italian WIne Specialist course.

 Ideal Gift

So, when thinking about expressing your deepest regards, you might think that it would be nice to give him a wine. Yet, this can be so predictable and he knows exactly what year it was developed just by seeing the brand or maybe just smelling the wine. That’s how good a sommelier can be. A bottle of wine will certainly be highly appreciated, yet, you can fascinate him by gifting something else and this is where champagne sword or champagne saber comes into the scenario.

Gift Of  A Lifetime

A Sommelier knows about this, but most of them would really admire this majestic piece of work rather than wine. Because they are highly trained about wine tasting and smelling, they could no longer be impressed whether you are going to give him premium wines or wines that have been locked up for a very long time. Champagne saber would be the kind of gift that they could remember. Aside from its majestic looks, it has a long history that connects champagne and the French Revolution. It would no longer a surprise if you saw your grandpa smiling with some tears from his eyes.

 Varieties Of Selection

You can find wide varieties of selection when searching online. There are the cheap ones and there are also pricey ones and the rare ones. While regardless of your budget, what really counts is your thoughtfulness. How to do so? By making the saber personalized. For personal touch, you can never go wrong with personalization by using the laser engraving technology. There are online shops that offer this kind of service which is awesome. You can put your message, the date and even your Grandfather’s name on it.




What Makes The Champagne Sabre Worth Buying? June 01 2017

It is crazy to think of when you consider buying a champagne sword or saber for anyone or for someone that you have the deepest regards with. So, what makes such champagne accessory worth it? Moreover, when you see some of the most sophisticated sabers, the price seems to be too much. Back to the question, is such saber is worth buying for?Below are some plenty of reasons.

Champagne Enthusiasts

For champagne enthusiast and wine collectors, the accessory means too much to them. It is all about the history and a status in life statement. Most champagne swords and sabers designed and inspired from the history particularly from the time of the medieval age. The sword tells the story about the Western, European and French Revolution. For most champagne enthusiast, having a champagne sword or saber displayed at their office, living room or dining area is so much mean to them.

Sense Of Satisfaction

If you are a type of person who always have visitors at home, there is a chance that some of your visitors out from their curiosity asked you about your champagne swords or sabers collection. Just like car collection, toy collection or Barbie collection like Johnny Depp has, it gives them the sense of satisfaction of having them in their collectable stands.

champagne sabre, champagne sword

Sabering Purpose

Of course a champagne sabre must be used whenever it is needed. Therefore, a lot of the finest chefs in town really loves to have their own swords and sabers for the purpose of entertaining their guests. In some occasion, when couples will ask for a bottle of champagne, the chef will personally great them and let them see him perform the art of sabrage. In many restaurants and bars, sabering would be the main attraction aside from the dishes. Therefore, a lot of customers and expectorators come to see the art.


Indeed, you can find pricey sabers both online and offline. The first reason why it is pretty much expensive is because of the craftsmanship. You are not just paying the materials but also the skill of the one who made it. Speaking of materials, the price will vary depending on the materials used. For example a saber which is made from buffalo horn is a bit higher the price compared to the ones which are made from regular wood. The same goes when it comes to the blade. Some are made from soft iron, metal or even silver. There are also limited edition which are made from rare steels likes the Damascus steel such as the Methuselah Saber.

Priceless Possession

All in all, for many champagne enthusiasts, chefs and anyone or everyone who just loves to collect champagne sword or champagne saber, the champagne accessory would be one of their priceless possession where they can boast around to their relatives and friends. Now if you’re asking if it is really worth buying for – consider what is your passion and the things that you consider as your priceless possession.


Why Sabering Champagne Is Must For Occassions And Weddings? February 07 2017

To sabre or not to sabre the champagne bottle? That is the question. Sounds familiar isn’t it. Anyhow, sabering champagne is a must for any occasions you want to celebrate to add some spices a little bit. It excites everyone and anyone who is going to see such an art. In fact, in most diners these days, they make sure that their servers and crew knows how to execute sabrage or champagne sabering because many would love to see it before drinking such a good wine.

Easy To Learn

Though it may seems that the art is a complex piece of art, it is not as difficult as it looks. When doing so, expect that there will be a little mistake on your part particularly on how the lip of the bottle will be shattered. Keep in mind that not all champagne bottles are easy when it comes to sabering. All in all,  practicing the art will make you better. No even the finest chef in town can execute the art perfectly on a regular basis. Therefore, practicing will not make you prefect but to make you better.


Even though you don’t know how to cook or you don’t have a car, you can impress someone you admire when performing this kind of art. It makes everyone excited whenever they see the shining champagne sabre you are holding. Thus, this could be your chance of impressing someone you admire the most. This gives you a plus 10 factor especially if the girl is also a champagne enthusiast like you do.


Sabering a champagne is a skill not everyone could execute. If you are one of the few who knows the art, this is your chance of venturing into another career probably in the restaurants or taverns. You as the highlight of the night is a good start in the dining business.

Requested By Everyone

In any occasion whether it is wedding, anniversary, businesses, or just a simple birthday, many visitors will request for you performing the art. This means that you will never missed an occasion because of the fact that you are the highlight reel of the occasion. Of course, you have to look great and look natural. Keep in mind that if the lip of the bottle shattered inappropriately, all you have to do is to improvise your performance by saying that you intended it of doing so.



Sabrage or sabering a champagne is fun. Don’t forget to use an authentic champagne sword or champagne sabre when executing it. Keep in mind that the technique is not the blade but rather what happens inside the bottle. The champagne sword or sabre is the one that keeps on the pressure as the cork together with the lip flies. It is fun and it is exciting for the audiences and the one who is going to perform such an art.

All in all, do not be disappointed at your first try, it gives you the senses of accomplishment when executing sabrage perfectly.

What Is The Actual Origin of Champagne Sabering? March 29 2016

Champagne is a very common drink for special occasions and fun celebrations. This includes weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, and much more. Enjoying the delightful fragrance and flavor of the drink starts with successfully opening the bottle. The cork may be difficult to remove, and it isn’t as smooth as they make it look on the movies!

The Right Tool

To make it an elegant opening and one that occurs quickly, you need the right tool. Champagne Sabres UK is the online hub of an amazing collection of champagne sabers which can be engraved by the text of your choice. It can eliminate your frustrations and it can reduce the amount of time it takes to get each bottle open. The actual process of opening a bottle of champagne in such a manner is referred to as Sabrage!

                                            Champagne Sword

A champagne sword is an item you want to have on hand for your special occasions. It is also a wonderful gift you can offer to someone else. They may not think about the value of such a gift until they need to use it. Then they will be very impressed you thought of it and very thankful they have it on hand.

The art of sobering champagne takes time, so be patient with yourself. Practice before a big event so you don’t feel pressure to get the bottles open and you can follow the process in a relaxed manner. Using your champagne sabre is going to make all the difference for you!

Quality is Important

Of course the value you obtain from any champagne sword depends on the quality it offers. Take your time to evaluate the various products on the market. You need to buy from a company with a solid reputation. You need to be confident the materials it is made from will hold up well over time. Otherwise, you are going to have to replace the product soon if you plan to continue sobering champagne.

Display with Confidence

The artwork and definition of quality make a champagne sabre something you will likely display. If you have a wine cabinet, this is the ideal place to display the item around. Many of them have an elegant case to protect them and also to display them in a classy fashion. With such an item at your fingertips, you will become an expert at the art of Sabrage before you know it!

    Collection of Champagne Sabres

 Terrific Gift

A champagne sabre is a wonderful gift for others. When you look for one to buy yourself, think about others you know who may need one. For example, a young couple about to be married! They don’t need another blender or toaster but they may not have such an item to help them open their bottles of champagne. Certainly, they have plenty of great events to look forward to as they embark on a life together where such an item will be needed!

You can get them such a gift without a huge cost too. Yet the champagne sword you pick out for them is to going to look very nice. You can add a lovely card and a nice bottle of champagne to go along with it. Now your quest for the ideal gift is complete!