Important Difference Between Champagne and Prosecco October 26 2017

Both Champagne and Prosecco are fine wines which you can simply enjoy such beverages anytime you want. You can drink Champagne or Prosecco at night, after dinner or whenever you want to celebrate a certain event or something. All in all, there are big differences between the two, yet both are delicious and can be very satisfying.

The Distinctiveness Of The Two Fine Wines

First, Champagne was developed from France which its distinctiveness was discovered by a certain monk. It was not developed, by the way,  the process and the taste were discovered by accidents. Through time, wine manufacturers from France developed and improve its taste. The Prosecco, on the other hand, is from Italy. Unlike champagne, where the process is too complicated, this type of bubbly is produced by a pretty much less complicated method and cheap as well, called the tank method.

Price And The Taste

You can simply determine the difference when it comes to the price. Champagne tag price is around $40.00 up to $100,000.00 per bottle. There are two types of champagnes and these are the non-vintage and the vintage ones. Shipwreck is the most expensive champagne. The Prosecco can be yours for only $12.00 up to $1000.00. Champagne is made from different types of premium grapes such as chardonnay, pinot noir, Meunier grapes. Obviously, Prosecco is made from prosecco or also known as Glera. Champagne has its own distinctive taste such as white cherry, peach, citrus, and almonds. While Processor has the taste of green apple, cream, and honey lemon.


Going back to the process, champagne has at least 2 years of fermentation and another process. Take note that it must be kept in a certain place that meets a certain temperature. Champagne would be called as bubbly wine when it is not made from France. The processor has its fruity flavor that’s for sure since the grapes are preserved and processed for a long time in a tank.


 Both have a delicious taste and the best way to serve them is when they are cold. Of course, not ice-cold by the way. You can drink a glass of champagne or two after your everyday grind. But, keep in mind that whenever you open a bottle of champagne, make sure that you finish them. You can share the wine with your loved ones, guests or even friends. You can pair champagne with pickled veggies, light foods for appetizers, and potato chips. Red meat is a perfect match to Prosecco since it has a fruity flavor. Both are ideal for desserts and definitely, you will ask for more.


There is no argument that champagne is a premium type of bubbly wine for sure. But, in case you want to taste pretty much different when having a break for a weekend, you can choose Prosecco over Champagne. Yet, on any occasion without champagne, it seems like you are missing something.





Everything You Need To Know About Drinking Champagne June 12 2017

Champagne is indeed the highlight reel of any events whether it is a simple gathering or highly exclusive. Aside from its tasteful treat, there are many ways on how to appreciate such great wine. There are several things that you should try to make it a bit more thrilling whenever you are celebrating.

Champagne Tower

It is nice to make a toss for everyone and make a few speech about the occasion. It is often done during wedding proposal or even the wedding reception. But, you can make the ceremony much more exciting by making a champagne tower. Of course, you really need a flat platform in order to make sure that champagne together with the champagne coupe will be not spoiled. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between a champagne flute and a champagne coupe. Never use the champagne flute when making a champagne tower.

As soon as you collected champagne coupes (preferably plastic made) it is time for you to make a base. Make a square shape and make sure that each other is touching he coupe around it. For every additional level, place another set of coupes at the top. Continue building it until you have reach the top. Now it is time for you to pop up the bottle and pour it until the last glass is filled.


it is nice to see the bubbles as the cork flies to the air when popping up the bottle. But there is another way to do that which was existed not so long ago. Champagne sabering is not as dangerous and difficult as it seems. Yet again, you need the right tool when doing so. Never use kitchen knife instead, always use champagne sword or champagne saber when executing the art.

First, the bottle must be cold enough before sliding the blade to the lip. Make sure that you removed the wires supporting the cork and the seals as well. Located the seam of the bottle since this is where you are going to slide the blade. Hold the bottle to a 45 degree and point it somewhere safe. Slide the blade smoothly, not to soft but not too hard either. What’s really makes the cork and the lip of the bottle to fly is not the force but rather what is happening from the inside. Let the bubbles flow to remove small fragments of the bottle just in case.

Drink It Up To The Fullest

There are many ways on how to drink champagne with style but the most important thing that you should know is to serve champagne cold. If you are the type of person who always want to smell its aroma, better to use champagne float, but if you are craving for its taste and look forward for the next round, no one is stopping you. Champagne coupe is highly recommended for you. (But, don’t get the glass from the champagne tower though) Enjoy your glass of champagne to the fullest.


Get Ready To Execute The Art Of Champagne Sabrage January 11 2017

So, you were impressed by how the waiter or bartender used a saber to uncork the bottle of champagne. You, on the other hand, would like to try it but the problem is you don’t know where to start. The first thing that you should know is that you need to use the proper tool in order for you to execute the art of sabrage or sabering effectively. Never use knives which are found in your kitchen Always use a champagne saber or champagne sword when doing so.

The Bottle

Champagne bottle

The key points on how to execute sabrage are not the amount of force that you are going to use when you strike the bottle. Instead, the real trick is in the bottle. The carbon dioxide creates the force pushing the cork together with the lip away. The force inside what makes the cork and lip fly away. When doing so, it is highly recommended to at least buy three bottles of champagnes. Most likely, your first sabrage will be perfect so you may need backup bottles. In case that you are out of budget, sparkling wine also works well which is cheaper.


champagne sabre

As mentioned before, you must invest with the real champagne sword or champagne saber to execute the art smoothly. When you look closer, the sword or saber which is intended for sabrage does not have a sharp edge. In reality, the blade is blunt. The authentic design and looks will make the art dramatically awesome.


The champagne bottle must be cold but not ice cold particularly the neck of the bottle. The colder the neck the better. You can chill the neck of the bottle with an ice bucket by turning the bottle upside down. Remember to do so by not removing the wire just yet. Do not chill the champagne in the freezer or you will ruin the flavor. Moreover, the bottle might explode.

The Seam

As soon as the bottle is cold enough, It is time for you to shine. While removing the foil, take the time as you look for the seam of the bottle. The seam is the weak spot of the bottle where you are going to slide the blade to the lip. Look closer to the bottle to find the slight line.


Now when it comes to removing the wire, make sure to put your thumb over the cork for safety just in case. Also, when champagne sabering, ensure that you are going to point the bottle into a perfect spot where there are no pieces of stuff or people. You might injure someone or damage something when executing.


As you make your first sabrage whether you perfectly execute the art or not, it is important to let the bubbles flow to eliminate shards. The pressure can eliminate the shards from the bottle, but you can never be too careful.


Finally, get your champagne flute and taste the flavor of success. Enjoy and have some fun.