Why the World Celebrates with Champagne? October 03 2016

Truly, the holiday is coming and you can almost feel the winter breeze and you hear the Christmas songs, gifts, toys and other pieces of Christmas stuff. Popping the cork and toasting a glass of fizzy champagne is a good way to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones and relatives. In fact, households from all around the world consider popping a bottle of champagne as part of the celebration. Indeed, such good wine is used to mark a special occasion.



Champagne is a bubbly light-colored wine with its sweet taste and has been associated with luxury in parties, gatherings, and other events by the aristocrats in most part of Europe. Back then, only the elite individuals can afford such wine and it symbolizes peers of the realm. Then here comes the French revolution and the champagne becomes a part of the secular rituals that somehow replaces other religious rituals that are using wine. A good example of that is you can use the champagne christening a ship without the help of the priest. It was considered as holy water and become popular as well in many religious events like weddings and baptism.

Is Champagne from England?

There are so many theories about where champagne was originated. Some would say that it was developed in France where a monk accidentally discovers the carbon dioxide reaction in his cave. But there are also claims that champagne was originally produced back in England where the technology of bottle and corking in the latter part of the 1500s. The problem is, the right amount of sugar and they take for about a century just to perfect the taste. Then, the drink became popular to Paris among the wealthy people.

World Drinking Phenomenon

The good wine became a world drinking phenomena when the product was introduced to the world market in the 19th century. The drink is often used for the joyous occasion from the smashing bottle in weddings to maiden voyage. Today, you can see champagne as part of triumphant moment particularly in sports or even career. The F1 racing champion and runner-ups, for example, are popping their bottle of champagne and celebrate their prize along with the racing fans. The same way in the NBA, as soon as the game is over, you can see the entire team at their locker room as they go crazy with the champagnes.


Aside from popping up the cork, there is another way on how to uncork the bottle and this is called as sabering or sabrage in French. In most wedding and other elegant occasions, sabering champagne is the highlight of the celebration where a man stands in the midst of the crowd and shows off his elegant champagne saber, as he removes the foil and the wire of the bottle, he simply slides the sword and the lip of the bottle together with the cork flies. This kind of technique was originated after the French revolution as Napoleon together with his crusaders impressed the European aristocrats using their sabers when uncorking the good wine. 

What Makes The Personalized Champagne Sabre Perfect Gift For Any Occasion? July 13 2016


There are birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions that we celebrate each year. These events are great at bringing family and friends together while devouring sumptuous home-cooked meals. While there isn’t any change in the annual list of people attending these celebrations but finding the perfect gift becomes a challenge every single year.

One of the highly recommended gift items these days is a personalized champagne sabre. This tool opens wine bottles with the perfect mix of elegance and nostalgia. Often used for the process sabrage thousands of years ago during the French Revolution, the champagne sabre is a constant in all special events and ceremonial occasions. Back then, sabering champagne was considered as an art form and it was one of the highlights of the celebration. It’s an important part of tradition and up until this day, some people prefer the champagne sword over the different brands and designs of wine bottle openers that are sold in department stores.

A Great Conversation Piece

The perfect tool for the sabrage process comes in various colors and designs. It often comes with a wooden or metal box so you can safely keep it when it’s not being used for sabering champagne. There are also stands available so you can display it on the dinner table or kitchen counter. It’s a great conversation piece especially since it comes with so much history and sophistication. Fair warning: everyone will want to know how you use it to open champagne bottles too, so be prepared to do a quick demo.

Sleek and Stylish Champagne Swords

A lot of these champagne sabres are produced in Europe, the one good resource is The materials used to make the handles are olive tree, buffalo horn, deer horn, cocobolo wood, and rose wood. The steel blades are not sharpened and are kept blunt because in sabering champagne, priority is given on the impact and not on the sharpness of the blade.

champagne sabre

One of the popular tools for sabrage is the Fox Due Cigni Sabre Bullae, produced in Maniago, which is located at the northern part of Italy. This small city is known all over the world because of its expertise in producing steel blades.

Another popular champagne sabre is The Laquiole La Roque because of its seamless design and affordable price.

champagne sabre

The handcrafted Del Ben Corno di Cervo has a handle made from deer horn and it comes with a black wooden display stand. Both the wooden display stand and the steel blade can be personalized by engraving the recipient’s name or favorite quote. The Viper Mathusalem Damasco Steel Cocobolo, known as the King of champagne sabres, is handcrafted with top quality Damascus steel and cocobolo wood. It comes in a wooden box that also doubles as a display stand. With only 200 pieces available, this champagne sabre is definitely limited edition and anyone who receives this is definitely lucky because it’s selling like hotcakes!

Champagne sabres can be used as home decors or kitchen tools that’s why they make great gifts for various occasions, regardless if the recipient is a champagne enthusiast, avid collector of vintage items, or neither.

Best Collection Of Champagne Sabres For Sabrage And Gift June 06 2016

The Art Of Performing Sabrage With Safety - It Is Easier Than You Think April 27 2016

Don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of sabering champagne. It is actually easier than you think! Of course you do need to practice and you do need to build your confidence. Yet knowing the steps involved will make it possible for you to complete the process quickly and elegantly. You don’t want to be nervous if several people are around waiting for you to get it done!

                                         Champagne Sword

The right tool for the job is also important, and that is where a champagne sabre comes into the picture. They are very nice to display and should be readily available where you keep your wine bottles and glasses for easy access. The art of sabrage isn’t something you won’t be able to master in a short amount of time. You have to be willing to learn though and to buy a good quality champagne sabre to use.

                                             Chilled Champagne Bottle

To make it easier, you want to start out with a bottle of champagne which is well chilled for several hours before you use the champagne sword on it. If the bottle isn’t chilled, it is very likely going to break when you attempt to open it. Then you will have a mess to clean up of wine and broken glass.

                                               Remove Foil

Only remove the foil or paper around the neck of the champagne bottle. Make sure you don’t take off any of the caging that is around the cork. Otherwise, you risk the cork popping when you aren’t prepared and without the help of your champagne sabre. This can be embarrassing and it can also be dangerous because of the movement of the cork with some force behind it as it goes through the air.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the body of the champagne bottle. You will notice they have two seams that run the length of the bottle. You want to locate a seam as that is where you will strike the bottle.

Hold the champagne sword in your dominant hand and the champagne bottle in the other. The bottle should be held at a 45 degree angle. Move the blunt end of the sabre along the seam of the bottle, starting from the bottom upwards. Complete this movement a few times to warm up and then confidently strike the blunt part of the champagne sabre along the seam. Give it a good, decisive strike for the best results. If you are unsure of your abilities, you won’t be forceful enough.

                                                   Seam of the Bottle

Immediately after striking the seam, remove the cage around the cork and strike the bottle again along the seam. Make sure your strikes are straight hits rather than curved. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few strikes before you get the job done. Soon, the cork will come out and you can pour those glasses of champagne for all to enjoy!

                                Uncorking Champagne Bottle

That is how you can become very good at the art of sabrage. Practice these steps at home alone with a few inexpensive bottles of champagne so you can get a good idea of how it works. Then when you are ready to open up a bottle for friends or family you will be able to do so with ease!

Sabering Champagne On The Day Of Your Wedding Reception February 19 2016

So you’ve decided to settle down with your special someone and get married. As you proposed and she told you that she is willing to be with you for the rest of your life, keep in mind that it is just the beginning and it is far from over. Indeed, the wedding day is the most important part of your life. But again, a wedding is just an event, what really matters the most is your married life. It’s time for you to get serious and start a family on your own. But first, you should plan your wedding and the things that should be done.

The budget

Yes, the budget really matters up to this point in life. Aside from the wedding cake, wedding ring, dresses, food, and souvenirs, in order for you to minimize the cost is the numbers of your visitors. This could be the most vital part of your planning. Of course, you want to invite all the special people around you but if your budget is limited then you got to be more specific.


Seek some advice with your friends, loved ones, relatives and co-workers. Yet again, you don’t have to let them decide for you. Just let their suggestions be just suggestions.


Champagne Sabering

Imagine how awesome this could be if you execute champagne sabering in front of your guests. It is essential to practice and it is always advisable to use champagne sabre or champagne sword. Make sure that the bottle is cold particularly the neck part, remove the foil, find the seam and point the bottle where it’s safe. It is a nice way to end the occasion and a great way to start your family. You can learn more about sabrage and find the most elegant champagne sword on the web.

How To Master The Art Of Champagne Sabering Perfectly? January 19 2016

Champagne sabering or also known as sabrage is a piece of art and execution that cuts the lip of the bottle of champagne using a champagne sabre. Unlike the typical way of uncorking the bottle by which you have to use a cork screw, a special sabre or sword designed exclusively to make the execution perfect. These champagne swords or champagne sabers are specially made not to cut meat or for thrusting. They are only intended for champagne sabering thus the blade does not have any sharp edge. It is not recommended when doing this one of a kind performance to use only this tool and not your typical knives found in your kitchen.


Sabrage was developed and became famous during the Napoleonic Period and it was from Napoleon Bonaparte’s horsemen called the hussars. Back then, champagne is their preference forever victory they’ve won on the battlefield, Champagnes are also their companion for every defeat. The Hussars uses their primary weapon sabers to uncork the bottle. It became famous after the French Revolution during Napoleon’s visits in most part Europe particularly the aristocrats. These noble people were amazed at how his brave men uncork the bottle. The performance was the highlight which is really impressive and entertaining.

Sabering Today

Now, you don’t need to be one of the bravest men of Napoleon. All you need is the proper technique and the right tool in order to make the execution perfect. Of course, practice makes the performance perfect.

First, make sure to only use champagne sabre or champagne sword. These swords are available from online and offline champagne shops. What really matters is not how much force you when you strike. The real technique is what turns up inside the bottle.

Del Ben Corno di Bufalo Champagne Sabre

Make sure that the neck of the bottle is cold. It is important to remove the seal of the bottle and carefully remove the wire which supports the cork. Next is to find the seam of the bottle, it is the weakest part of the bottle and this is where you are going to swipe your champagne sabre.

Position the bottle for about 45 degrees and make sure to point the bottle where it safe. The amount of force as you strike the bottle from the neck into the lip will vary depending on the quality of the bottle. When striking, it is important to remember to execute sabrage not too careless and not too careful either.


As you strike the bottle, except that the lip together with the cork will whoosh up for about 5 up to 7 feet high. There will be a few champagne spills which you obviously waste such a good wine. Never drink directly to the bottle otherwise you are going to injure or wound yourself. Wait for a few seconds as the bubbles go to make sure that the bottle is free from fragments. Use champagne flute when drinking the great wine and share it with everyone. So, how about a try and see how it goes?

Celebrate The New Year's Eve With The Spectacular Champagne Cocktails January 04 2016

Let us end the year 2018 with a blast. When it comes with celebrating the year-end and welcoming the New Year, there is a big chance that the first thing that pops up to your mind is champagne. Set aside those fireworks, turkey, breadcrumbs, pastries, cakes, sweets and fruits. After all, what goes together better than toasting the people around you with New Year’s cocktails? Vintage champagne sabering will really satisfy your cravings. But what if you don’t have the budget and you can only afford the non-vintage cheap champagne? It may don’t taste kind of awful, but, there are ways on how to make champagne taste better.


  • Citrus Champagne -

    Whether you have simple gatherings together with your relatives or perhaps a grand celebration on New Year’s Eve, you can spice things up a little turn your champagne into one heck of a drink. The best part of making a citrus champagne cocktail is that it is adorable. This will make the occasion more festive and delicious.

  • Orange Champagne Punch -

    A perfect way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a blast is making a champagne punch for everyone. The beverage is easy to serve and easy to prepare. All it takes is a bit of your creativity. You can combine pomegranate seeds with mint leaves which add flavor as it comes out and melts in your mouth.

  • Champagne Mojito -

    Champagne Mojito will make the celebration pretty much awesome. It is refreshing and at the same perfect for something light and delicious. All you need is to add your champagne a bit of sugar and fresh mint leaves.

  • Champagne Punch -

    If you want to make your drink sweeter but not being so sweet, then champagne punch with berries, pineapple juice, Chambord and ginger ale will really put those other beverages to shame. Get ready for the count down in the midnight.

Champagne Tower

A very nice way to make the ambiance breathtaking is to make a champagne tower. Try to look for a solid base for your tower. Make sure that you always use coupe champagne glasses and not flutes. Successive smaller layers are essential in order to make a very dramatic look and make sure that each glass touches the surrounding glasses. When you do it right, you can see a diamond shape between each glass.

Sabrage / Champagne sabering

Champagne Sabre

Another way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a blast is sabering those bottles of champagnes. Ensure that you are going to use Champagne Sabre or Champagne sword and not just your average kitchen knives when doing this art. Also, keep in mind that you have to keep those bottles cool particularly the neck. Remember that you should point the bottle in the safest range as much as possible in order to avoid injuries. Champagne Sabre and Champagne sword are also ideal as gifts and collectibles.

As 2018 will soon be over and we welcome 2019, we are hoping to have a great and prosperous New Year.


Why People Celebrate Most of Their Occasions With Champagne Saber? December 11 2015

Sabering the bottle of champagne or popping the cork and toasting with sparkling, sweet, fizzy, champagne as the clock strikes the New Year is a tradition for many. It is truly a ritual for many households from generations to generations. So, why such fine wine is used to mark a special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions and even sporting activities?

Premium wine

Premium Wine


This premium bubbly wine is associated with luxury, parties and triumphs in royal courts. In general, these drinks were exclusively for aristocrats in most parts of Europe. After the French revolution, it becomes a secular ritual which replaced the traditional religious rituals.

Champagne Tradition

Champagne was used to christening a ship. They no longer have to look for a priest. Instead, of holy water, champagne is a preferred alternative. So why champagne for weddings you asked? It is because the drink turns out to be an opened baptism. Athletes in any kinds of sporting event pour out this fine wine and celebrate victory. There are also some people who would love to drink during their defeat. This encourages them to get back on their feet.

Healthy eating and socialization

Despite of the fact that champagne is considered as liquor, did you know that it is good for the heart? As a matter of fact, study shows that it is also a good way to fight obesity. Yet of course, it is not an alternative to medicine. But, it can help you to focus on healthy eating, social connection to others and satisfaction.


As mentioned after the French revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte the great together with his hussars were invited by many aristocrats in Europe. It became a popular work of art when it was first witnessed by many aristocrats by using a saber as a way of cutting the lip of the bottle instead of using a cork screw. These days, it becomes the highlight of the event which adds a little more excitement. There are also champagne saber and champagne swords available ideal for gifts.

champagne sabre


Worldwide phenomenon

The drink was instantly become a worldwide phenomenon. A certain occasion would never be the same without such fine drink in the table. It is used to commemorate joyous occasions such as smashing the bottle to the ship before its first launch in the ocean. Other cultures throw glasses to the floor It symbolizes abundance and joy which allows everyone to have the sense of satisfaction.

Champagne today

Today, there are champagne and wine enthusiasts who would love to collect vintage and non-vintage champagne for pleasure. These collectors will do what it takes just to put the bottles in their champagne cabin. Money is not an object with these people, what really a matter is that they can taste these champagnes which give them not just the sense of pleasure but also fulfillment. Others also collect champagne swords and champagne sabers not because they want to execute sabrage or sabering. These champagne swords and champagne sabers were intended for displays.


Facts You May Know About Champagne And Sabering October 28 2015

For those people who don’t have enough time yet are really interested to know more facts about a fine drink called champagne. This article put together these simple facts which informs you on the basic principle of champagne and its capability to give us the sense of satisfaction whenever we achieved or something to celebrate with our lives.

Champagne is from France

Such good wine has its rightful name and always comes from the region of France called Champagne. The region is in the area of city of Reims whereas, you can only call champagne as “champagne” if it was made and processed from this particular region. If the wine was not made from the region of champagne it is recognized as a bubbly wine. Therefore, don’t be fooled by champagnes that were made in any countries unless it was from France. These days, there are over than 5000 champagne suppliers or makers and the biggest is the Moët Et Chandon.

Overpriced Champagnes

Yes, there are champagnes available today which you and I could not afford unless your name is Donald Trump. Shipwrecked champagne is the most expensive champagne available today with only 168 bottles remaining. As the name goes, it was recovered back in the year 2010 from the bottom of the sea and these are over 170 years old. Each bottle is $156,000.00. Champagne price varies depending on the quality. There are vintage and non-vintage champagnes. The vintage champagnes are more expensive.

Made from Grapes

Champagne is made with two or three types of grapes and these are the Pinot Noir, the white Chardonnay and often a small part of red Pinot Meunier. These grapes are carefully handpicked by champagne makers. Single damage to grape can affect the quality of such a good drink. But remember champagne serves with health benefits too. 

What is Champagne Sabering?

There is an artistic method on how to uncork a champagne bottle and this is called sabrage or champagne sabering. It was originated back in the Napoleonic period where nobles and aristocrats were fascinated by how the Hussars (Napoleon’s Cavalries) uses their sabers to open the bottle really quick. Today, champagne saber or champagne sword Is ideal for a gift for those champagne enthusiasts. Sabrage is performed from classy diners by bartenders or waiters.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glass

Obviously, it is best drinking champagne from the flute. It is a tulip-shaped glass intended for champagne since the bubbles evaporate quickly and the aroma could not be tested properly if it is not in the champagne flute. The structure of the glass is designed in order to control the bubbles rise to form the little drop.

Champagne Lovers

Love for Champagne

You can simply distinguish if a person who drinks champagne is a novice or experienced champagne drinker.  An expert would not make any annotations at his or her first zip of the glass. A novice who bluffs can be extremely entertaining telling people around him or her about his/her judgment about the fine wine. An expert will only make his/her observation about the wine if there are not more three-quarters full of his/her glass.

Surprising Scientific Health Benefits Of Champagne September 14 2015

There are lot of talks about is drinking alcohol is beneficial for health or not. There have been several studies carried out to reveal this fact. Although when taking in general we hear that drinking alcoholic beverages is not good for your health. In fact, there are many calories in a certain bottle of beer. It has a huge effect on your central nervous system especially if you are drink every day for pleasure. Drinking alcohol can have huge effect in long term such as memory loss, lower abdominal pain and brain damages. Excessive drinks of alcohol can generate severe damage towards the liver which can cause different illnesses. It increases the risk of heart failure and has a great affects in lining of the body’s intestine (small and large). It increase your blood pressure that can lead you to many hear problems or fatal heart attack.

Champagne Benefits

Now that you are aware about the possible complication about drinking alcohol, now it’s time to determine the good effect of such a good wine called champagne. Once you attend a certain occasion or celebration, there is a big chance to be conscious about your health especially if the set of choices of dishes have lots of cholesterol and fats. But, of course you want to make sure that you don’t miss the midnight toast. You don’t have to worry when it comes with champagne in fact, according to studies and findings, the fine wine is healthy. You can raise your glass to the researcher who did this.

Facts about Health Benefits of Champagne

Research shown on Western Chester Nutrition by Elizabeth DeRobertis, one or two glasses of champagne can help off memory loss problem. Also it helps you to avoid onset of dementia and other degenerative memory or brain disorders. There are also recent research by Great Britain Scientist that they’ve found out the champagne’s content called phenolic compound improves the spatial memory of the brain. This means that your auld acquaintances will not be easily forgot. Another research is from the Guardian which indicates that aside from good memory, champagne is also good for the heart which affects good circulation of blood to the entire body. It lowers blood pressure and lessen the risk of heart problem that might occur when age. The better a wine taste the healthier it becomes. An average glass only contains 91 calories intake. Brute champagnes lower sugar content and those flutes are especially design for portion control.

So, after reading this, you might want to drink up champagne and salute those researchers who have proven that such good wine is also good for your health. There are wide varieties of champagne drinks to celebrate. You can pop-up a drink with vintage, brute and non-vintage champagne. But, wait, to add dramatically effect when celebrating, why not execute sabrage or sabering champagne? Sabrage has a long history of sabering champagne back in the Napoleonic Age. Today, you can find champagne sword or champagne sabre in wide arrays of selection over the web. These sabers are ideal for gift and collection. To add personal touch, how about engrave text into the blade such as a simple message, an important date or even your family crest.

Champagne Sabre                    sabering champagne