What Makes The Personalized Champagne Sabre Perfect Gift For Any Occasion? July 13 2016


There are birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions that we celebrate each year. These events are great at bringing family and friends together while devouring sumptuous home-cooked meals. While there isn’t any change in the annual list of people attending these celebrations but finding the perfect gift becomes a challenge every single year.

One of the highly recommended gift items these days is a personalized champagne sabre. This tool opens wine bottles with the perfect mix of elegance and nostalgia. Often used for the process sabrage thousands of years ago during the French Revolution, the champagne sabre is a constant in all special events and ceremonial occasions. Back then, sabering champagne was considered as an art form and it was one of the highlights of the celebration. It’s an important part of tradition and up until this day, some people prefer the champagne sword over the different brands and designs of wine bottle openers that are sold in department stores.

A Great Conversation Piece

The perfect tool for the sabrage process comes in various colors and designs. It often comes with a wooden or metal box so you can safely keep it when it’s not being used for sabering champagne. There are also stands available so you can display it on the dinner table or kitchen counter. It’s a great conversation piece especially since it comes with so much history and sophistication. Fair warning: everyone will want to know how you use it to open champagne bottles too, so be prepared to do a quick demo.

Sleek and Stylish Champagne Swords

A lot of these champagne sabres are produced in Europe, the one good resource is The materials used to make the handles are olive tree, buffalo horn, deer horn, cocobolo wood, and rose wood. The steel blades are not sharpened and are kept blunt because in sabering champagne, priority is given on the impact and not on the sharpness of the blade.

champagne sabre

One of the popular tools for sabrage is the Fox Due Cigni Sabre Bullae, produced in Maniago, which is located at the northern part of Italy. This small city is known all over the world because of its expertise in producing steel blades.

Another popular champagne sabre is The Laquiole La Roque because of its seamless design and affordable price.

champagne sabre

The handcrafted Del Ben Corno di Cervo has a handle made from deer horn and it comes with a black wooden display stand. Both the wooden display stand and the steel blade can be personalized by engraving the recipient’s name or favorite quote. The Viper Mathusalem Damasco Steel Cocobolo, known as the King of champagne sabres, is handcrafted with top quality Damascus steel and cocobolo wood. It comes in a wooden box that also doubles as a display stand. With only 200 pieces available, this champagne sabre is definitely limited edition and anyone who receives this is definitely lucky because it’s selling like hotcakes!

Champagne sabres can be used as home decors or kitchen tools that’s why they make great gifts for various occasions, regardless if the recipient is a champagne enthusiast, avid collector of vintage items, or neither.