What Makes The Champagne Sabre Worth Buying? June 01 2017

It is crazy to think of when you consider buying a champagne sword or saber for anyone or for someone that you have the deepest regards with. So, what makes such champagne accessory worth it? Moreover, when you see some of the most sophisticated sabers, the price seems to be too much. Back to the question, is such saber is worth buying for?Below are some plenty of reasons.

Champagne Enthusiasts

For champagne enthusiast and wine collectors, the accessory means too much to them. It is all about the history and a status in life statement. Most champagne swords and sabers designed and inspired from the history particularly from the time of the medieval age. The sword tells the story about the Western, European and French Revolution. For most champagne enthusiast, having a champagne sword or saber displayed at their office, living room or dining area is so much mean to them.

Sense Of Satisfaction

If you are a type of person who always have visitors at home, there is a chance that some of your visitors out from their curiosity asked you about your champagne swords or sabers collection. Just like car collection, toy collection or Barbie collection like Johnny Depp has, it gives them the sense of satisfaction of having them in their collectable stands.

champagne sabre, champagne sword

Sabering Purpose

Of course a champagne sabre must be used whenever it is needed. Therefore, a lot of the finest chefs in town really loves to have their own swords and sabers for the purpose of entertaining their guests. In some occasion, when couples will ask for a bottle of champagne, the chef will personally great them and let them see him perform the art of sabrage. In many restaurants and bars, sabering would be the main attraction aside from the dishes. Therefore, a lot of customers and expectorators come to see the art.


Indeed, you can find pricey sabers both online and offline. The first reason why it is pretty much expensive is because of the craftsmanship. You are not just paying the materials but also the skill of the one who made it. Speaking of materials, the price will vary depending on the materials used. For example a saber which is made from buffalo horn is a bit higher the price compared to the ones which are made from regular wood. The same goes when it comes to the blade. Some are made from soft iron, metal or even silver. There are also limited edition which are made from rare steels likes the Damascus steel such as the Methuselah Saber.

Priceless Possession

All in all, for many champagne enthusiasts, chefs and anyone or everyone who just loves to collect champagne sword or champagne saber, the champagne accessory would be one of their priceless possession where they can boast around to their relatives and friends. Now if you’re asking if it is really worth buying for – consider what is your passion and the things that you consider as your priceless possession.