Sabrage - How To Saber A Champagne Bottle Like A Pro?

It's probably way easier than you think to saber champagne. Sabrage doesn't require much skill or practice - it's very straight forward. Follow these simple steps and soon you'll be sabering champagne like a pro and be the life of the party!

1. Make sure the champagne bottle is well-chilled! This is the most important step in a successful sabrage as a lukewarm bottle is a recipe for failure, shattered glass and wasted champagne.

2. Remove the foil/paper label from the bottle neck for your sabering adventure, but leave the cage around the cork for now, you don't want to be popping before rocking out your champagne sabre!

3. Locate the seam. A champagne bottle has two seams that runs from top to bottom. Examine the bottle and locate on of these, our strike will be made along it.

4. Hold the champagne bottle in one hand and your sabre in the other. Hold the bottom of the champagne bottle pointing upward in a 45 degree angle. Carefully slide the blunt side of the sabre along the seam up the bottle neck up to the cork back and forth to practice. The actual bottle killing strike will be made in the same motion, sliding the blunt side of the sabre along the bottle neck, hitting the cork seam, only faster and more decisive.

5. Remove the cage around the cork and be ready with your sabre! Strike the bottle, along the seam, according to the instructions in the previous step, decisively but not violently. The strike should be straight hit, do not strike in a "curve". Depending on the bottle and your experience, you may need a few strikes before your sabrage is successful. After each unsuccessful attempt, slide the sabre back and forth along the bottle neck to calibrate for the next blow.

6. Success - the top has left the bottle! Be ready with the champagne glasses! The clean cut of the sabered bottle is sharp, don't touch or try drinking straight from the bottle!

Note: Be careful where you're pointing the bottle. The top may fly as far as 16-33 ft. If you saber inside, consider attaching a string between the saber and the top of the bottle so it doesn't cause any damage.